We are delighted to say that two ‘One planet development’ sites have been given planning permission where we conducted the ecological surveys. The One Planet Development policy is a progressive policy that the Welsh government adopted in 2011. The policy is designed to allow low impact houses to be built on land that otherwise would not be given planning permission. Developments have to meet strict criteria that considers the sustainability of the project, it’s ecological impact along side social and economic issues. This is an amazing opportunity for people to create affordable low-impact lives in Wales and our surveys have clearly demonstrated how wildlife and land can benefit from these developments and result in net gains to biodiversity and well as delivering other eco-system services.

This forward-thinking planning policy provides a genuinely affordable and sustainable way for people to live and work on their own land, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits.Get in touch if you want to know more or take at look at the One Planet Council website. www.oneplanetcouncil.org.uk