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Scott Roe

Senior Ecologist ACIEEM

 As a Member of The Chartered Institute of Ecology and environmental management,
The British Ecological Society and The British Dragonfly Society, Scott takes an active interest in ecological current affairs, legislation and political and social impacts.

 Scott has written several books on wildlife and ecology including field guides, children’s spotter books and species identification booklets.  Scott currently runs ‘Vital Ecology’, a small ecological consultancy, and is working on books about off grid living and ecological surveys as well as undertaking ecological research on British Dragonflies. He lives off-grid with his small family up in the hills near Machynlleth where they produce much of their own food and generate their own electric from a combination of solar, wind and water power. 

Ancient tree survey techniques, Certificate in Habitat Management, Higher Education Diploma in Field and conservation ecology, Biosecurity training, Reed beds and Water management, Straw bale construction, Invasive and non-native species. Currently studying towards a BSc in Ecology at Aberystwyth University.  Scott is an associate member of CIEEM.

Eleri Jenkins

Freelance Field Ecologist
Eleri has always had a deep interest in nature having been brought up in the beautiful countryside of mid Wales. After studying Wildlife Conservation at the University Of Plymouth she spent time in Nigeria carrying out biodiversity surveys and conducting behavioural studies of released primates.
Whilst working at The Brecon Beacons National park Eleri developed a wide range of ecological skills, including upland bird surveys, NVC surveys, small mammal trapping, hedgerow surveys, and grass identification.
Working alongside Natural Resources Wales and at The Centre for Alternative Technology has further strengthened Eleri’s skill set with experience in protected species surveys and the creation of site management plans.
With a sound knowledge of flora and fauna, good surveying skills and a passion for all things related to wildlife and ecology, Eleri has studied extensively, making her capable of undertaking a wide range of work in the ecological field.
Other qualifications and professional development
Environmental Conservation Diploma, Hill and Moorland leader, First Aid and remote emergency care, Field ecology courses at Aberystwyth University.

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