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Preliminary Appraisals

The Preliminary Ecological Appraisal/ Phase 1 Habitat Survey is our most popular survey which includes a desk survey, Phase 1 habitat survey and a baseline survey. These surveys are suitable for a wide range of situations and are often the first or only survey that is required.

Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys

A combined survey that includes looking for signs of protected species as well as assessing the habitat for suitability for any protected species. These surveys sometimes focus on specific species or a few species depending on the habitat type.

Protected Species Surveys

Protected species surveys are a legal requirement if initial surveys suggest that any of the species listed in Article 12 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (Habitats Regulations 2010) and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) is present on a development site. These species include Otters, Badgers, Dormice, Bats, Great Crested Newts, Water Voles, Large Blue Butterfly, Smooth Snake. Please see government guidance on protected species and planning law  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/protected-species-how-to-review-planning-applications

Terrestrial Invertebrate Surveys

Invertebrate surveys can be conducted to determine if important invertebrate communities are present on a site, to create an overview of species present or as part of an ongoing programme of monitoring. Methods we use for terrestrial invertebrate surveys include Light trapping, Beating, sweeping, hand searches and flight interception.

Freshwater Invertebrate Surveys

We offer general freshwater invertebrate surveys that can be used to measure the quality of the habitat in question. Full species lists or less detailed overview surveys are available. Specialist Dragonfly surveys are available including full breeding species surveys and analysis.

Data Searches & Desk Studies

We can provide specialist desk studies to your own specification including mapping of habitat types, data trawling, protected species reports.

General Wildlife Surveys and Reports

We can create a survey that fits with exactly what you need if you have very specific requirements. General surveys like this can be very useful for private sites, schools and natures reserves who are keen to learn more about the wildlife and habitats on their site. If suitable we can sometimes involve staff, pupils and volunteers in survey work, so please get in touch.

Wildlife Champion Awards

Coming soon to a school, university, nature reserve, park, garden or business near you!

One Planet Developments (Wales)

‘One Planet Developments’ are developments that through low impact either enhance or do not significantly diminish environmental quality.  The key requirement, for consideration as a One Planet residential development is that over a reasonable period of time (no more than 5 years) the land should provide for the minimum needs of the inhabitants in terms of income, food, energy and waste assimilation, and must be the sole residence of the inhabitants.  Any planning application must be supported by a management plan produced by a “competent person”. Our services are increasingly called upon to carry out ecological surveys to form part of a ‘One planet Wales planning application’. The precise survey required can vary from council to council but we have not yet had a request that we couldn’t undertake to the satisfaction of the client.

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